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Sonic Character Bios.

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Sonic Character Bios.
Smash Bros.Bios pg. 2

these are the sonic characters bios.

  • sonic the hedgehog.A fast speedy little hedgehog that wants to beat eggman and have a nice peace full world but you no the fat egg man allways trys something new and he fails at it.
  • knukles is an digging machine! man that guy just digs digs digs for the peces of the master emerald.hes red and got a cool shaped head hes spunky ands got a big additude.   
  • shadow the hedgehog as you all may no that shadow is a copy but as an evil sonic hes the fake hedgehog.shadow is super fast and can with the 7 choas emeralds can become hyper shadow ,which is pretty sweet.
  • doctor eggman the most evil of evil a fat egg shaped man how is colder then ice he is very mean.
  • e-102-gamma is a robot made by dr.eggman he was made to kill sonic but it was the other way aorund sonic killed him.Gamma has brothers epsilon,beta,delta,omega and alot more theres alot of robots that doctor eggman made.
  • espio is a charmeleon a purple ninja a wild fast thing really got at hitting people in the head hes a shy person and likes to get the job done.
  • cream the rabbit a little troble making person with her special choa chesse shes very tough for a girl rabbit.Shes very shy and also like sonic.shes a cute little rabbit.








  • this is tails hes a fury funny guy thats really smart at making thing like machines for EX the tornado and the tornado 2.tails is a fox for people that did not no that and for some reason hes orange.
  • amy rose she is a ok looking hedgehog shes pink and loves sonic she wants to marrie him but sonic is not so sure about that.Amy has a big hammer that crushes the enemy in to dust.
  • big the cat hes so funny but really fat him and his best pal froggy they fish together and all that kinda stuff you get my point.big is purple and has a high jumping,but very slow lol.
  • rouge the bat shes super sexy and has a heart for gold she trys to get the peces of the master emerald to be rich and all power full.rouge is very sly shes very fast and can fly like the wind.
  • vector the croc..hes with the thing hes all bling blinghes a big mean croc hes very strong and got small legs and big arms for peeps that dont no that.
  • charmebee is super funny with the allmighty fast flying hes so small but packs a powerful punch hes in sonic heros and hes got a funny voice.
  • chaos the evil from the deep hes a water like thing that can change to 4 different beast of destruction that helps dr.eggman untill he gose wild and kill people is the town square.