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Smash Bros. Bios

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Smash Bros. Bios
Sonic the Hedgehog Games
Sonic Character Bios.
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Mario is probably the most well-rounded characters in the game.  His moves are basic and he's easy to control.  But don't let that make him seem easy to beat!
B: Fireball
Smash B: Cape
B Up: Super Jump Punch
B Down: Mario Tornado

Peach still keeps her reputation of perfect princess, but she's added a little touch of smash to keep up with the others.  Peach will show no mercy, so watch out!
B: Toad Smash
Smash B: Peach Bomber
B Up: Peach Parasol
B Down: Vegetable

Bowser is super big and super strong, but that slows him down.  Even with his slow speed, he can smash any character out of the ring with massive force.  Choose Bowser if you are a power person.
B: Fire Breath
Smash B: Koopa Claw
B Up: Whirling Fortress
B Down: Bowser Bomb

Yoshi, the famous green dinosaur, is back for some smashing.  He jumps the highest due to his famous waddle in the air.  He may not be the strongest, but he has some of the best defence moves in the game.
B: Egg Lay
Smash B: Egg Roll
B Up: Egg Throw
B Down: Yoshi Bomb

DK is just as strong as Bowser but not as aggresive.  He takes more of a nimble approach.  Nimble but still powerful.  He is a great choice for fast paced levels.
B: Giant Punch
Smash B: Headbutt
B Up: Spinning Kong
B Down: Hand Slap

Captain Falcon is the fastest of all characters.  He has great attacks that suit him very well.  His speed can make him a little hard to control, but if you practice with him, you will learn quick.
B: Falcon Punch
Smash B: Raptor Boost
B Up: Falcon Dive
B Down: Falcon Kick

Fox is quite a character.  He's speedy, but at the same time easy to control.  He's not very strong, but at the same time can pull off some amazing attacks.  Fox is another one of the all around characters who just won't give up.
B: Blaster
Smash B: Fox Illusion
B Up: Fire Fox
B Down: Reflector

Ness is a very small but mighty character.  He won't back down from any fight.  His moves will shock you (literally!)  He is the most underestimated character in the whole game!
B: PK Flash
Smash B: PK Fire
B Up: PK Thunder
B Down: PSI Magnet

Kirby is the little round pink guy everyone knows.  He can use his copy attack to copy a characters look and Smash attack.  He is perfect for people light on the controls.
B: Swallow
Smash B: Hammer
B Up: Final Cuter
B Down: Stone

Zelda, the other princess in this game, also lives up to her reputation of princess, but much like Peach, she can really fight.  She can transform into Sheik, who you can read about below.
B: Nayru's Love
Smash B: Din's Fire
B Up: Farore's Wind
B Down: Transform

Sheik is the transformation of Zelda.  She is much stronger than Zelda but a little harder to control.  Her attacks can really make the game difficult when trying to beat her, but the challenge gives some flavour to the game.
B: Needle Storm
Smash B: Chain
B Up: Vanish
B Down: Transform

Samus may be a woman, but she can smash.  She has great defence moves to help her stay alive.  She is a true smash bros. fighter.
B: Charge Shot
Smash B: Missle
B Up: Screw Attack
B Down: Bomb

Link is probably the most popular character in the game.  His skill and technique make him stand out in the crowd of characters.  Link is very useful for 1 Player Mode.
B: Bow
Smash B: Boomerang
B Up: Spin Attack
B Down: Bomb

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