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Sonic Character Bios.

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Sonic Character Bios.
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these are the sonic characters bios.

  • Sonic the hedgehog the little blue fury guy hes mighty fast he changes in to the all mighty super sonic and if he gets mad he will go wild and change in to hyper sonic the ultimate sonic ever hes super power full and super power full to control.
  • Tails the orange fox or other none as miles, tails ,(prowler)hes a crazy little son of a gun hes ability to fly helps him in alot of tite spots.The little fox is also smart in the head hes really smart when it comes to makeing machines.
  • knukles the red digging machine hes a really good digger hes good at finding rings and other items.Knukles has the rare shovle gloves that help him dig,hes trying to find all the lost shards for the master emerald.
  • Amy the pink hedgehog a very nice person helps out a lot easy to control.she has a big long hammer to crush the compition.Also she loves sonic she wants to marrie him.
  • Shadow the dark the evil or is he? is he good no one nos hes a fast speeding hedgehog with his chaos control and the chaos blash he kills unsispecting people and sonic or not..
  • Eggman the evil fat man trying to rule the world he trys also to kill sonic but it will never happen.he has a lot of robots to try to get sonic he has e 102-gamma and eggemporor and alot more up to like 150 different robots thats alot.
  • Big the big fat cat who of coures loves to fish!Him and his best friend froggy help out sonic in tite spotts but not alot.Hes a very lasy cat and ok to control he jumps really high but runns like a snail but hes a fun character to play as.
  • Cream the rabbit with her pal a chao chesse a funny little guy cream likes tails but cuzz she thinks hes so cool but I dont care.Cream is very shy but easy to handle,also shes not so tuff but a good person to have.
  • Chaos the thing from the deep.Deep down hes not so bad he is the old keeper of the 7 emeralds and the green master emerald.Dr.eggman takes control of the best and makes him n to the ultimate killing machine in the water.
  • Vector the big crociddile hes all that and hes bling bling yo if you no what I mean.vector is very tought and hard to handle at times like running he has small legs and huge arms for punchin.
  • Charmebee the funny little bee.Hes hard to handle hes like a clone of tails he has all the same things as him but not so smart .charme is smaller then tails .
  • Espio the purple charmelion he has the moves like a ninja hes swift and very quick.Espio is a very quite person and gets the job done right.  
  • Rouge the bat a sneeky bat shes like a clone of knukules but alittle fast then him.Rouge is only looking for gold and other things that could make her rich rich rich.
















sonic and friends!!!